Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Witness - A Commitment To Follow Christ

Today was a special day for me.  I entered the waters of baptism and was baptized by one having authority. I was also given the privilege of receiving authority from Christ to baptize a friend.  We performed these baptisms in living water, at Inlet Cove next to Utah Lake.  I am grateful to my Savior for His atoning sacrifice, for His example, and His love.  I have partaken of His love and desire to receive more, and to bring others to Him.

I was baptized at 8 years old in the LDS tradition.  I chose to be baptized again today as a symbol of a covenant I have entered into with the Lord, after the pattern of Mosiah 18.  This token is also an expression to the Lord that I believe the words that have been spoken by Denver Snuffer and others are from God.  I appreciate how God delivers His words through unexpected and unlikely places.  I have been witness to this on many occasions.

This is my third baptism.  I baptized myself (as Alma did) last year at Bear Lake, also as a witness to God that I would serve Him.  I love how we can renew our commitment to God, and seal it by ordinance on earth as it is in heaven.  This is a true renewal of covenants.

I praise the name of Jesus Christ.  I look forward to the great day where the veil will part.  I seek such a blessing in this life, in the flesh.  I have been a recipient of the cleansing power of the baptism of fire, and I can testify with authority that Christ can and does forgive sins.  He can and does give sacred promises and covenants to us, directly from Him to our ears, eyes, and minds, independent of any other authority or person  He does show Himself to us in vision.  He does give direction to us every day, every hour, if we will but humble ourselves and listen.  All of these things I know for myself because they have happened in my life.  I know that some will mock, some will disbelieve, some will think I'm crazy.  But I say with authority that these things are true.  Amen.